Small text form Roland Delcol

Small text form Roland Delcol

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Small text form Roland Delcol

Let’s not fear to put everything in place to get closer to perfection, we’re still can’t.

That said, it is obvious to the viewer that the image created has to work. A canvas, as a shoe box must be beautiful, yet it still has to contain wonderful shoes and not be just an empty box.

Both container and a content are required. This highly poetic content, and also; why not , a bit subversive will slightly help evolve human species.

The paintings have a function in our society, they aren’t just a ornamentation.

onirism is the essence of my work.

After several exhibitions in various Germans museums, I would be classified as precursor of postmodernism , with a classic work, humorous and timeless.

As the divine Scutenaire wrote :  » To borrow another staircase that theirs, The Delcol’s revolt is as fruitful as were that of surrealists .  »


Delcol R.

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