Louis Scutenaire

Louis Scutenaire

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It’s not here where we are supposed to write Roland Delcol’s biography.

But it is good to know that at the age of eleven he began to draw and paint with gouache together along with the mother of his father, that he made flowers with bread and beads and composed canvas with roses or candid landscapes.

It is important for me to say he is half gypsy by his grandmother, a gypsy family named Sempo . And that, by the face and the turn, he is the living portrait of the admirable Louis Mandrin, General Captain of the smugglers of France, death victoriusly on the scaffold in Valencia,The 26th May 1755.

For the rest, encyclopedias should be consulted in a few decades : the deserved glory does not happen quickly.

Still say that in ancient times and in certain countries today, tribes lived and live naked. Roland Delcol’s painting are from then and from there.

A revolution may use such means to those of a traditional order, if it’s sedition installed in his slippers selvages, riot became the formalism against which
it fights.

Louis Scutenaire

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