Louis Scutenaire

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It’s not here where we are supposed to write Roland Delcol’s biography. But it is good to know that at the age of eleven he began to draw and paint with gouache together along with the mother of his father, … Lire la suite­­

The art of loving life

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The art of loving life, The newspaper « Le Soir, MAD » When you look at an artwork, never think that it should be or what many people would like it to be, said the painter Antoni Tapies . An artwork can … Lire la suite­­

Roland Delcol

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Roland Delcol Recognized as figurehead of hyper-realism in Belgium, close friend of the famous writer and surrealist poet Louis Scutenaire (1905-1987). Roland Delcol yield a work tackling reality without makeup nor complex. Filled with eroticism and a singular humor. Delcol’s art … Lire la suite­­

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