The art of loving life

The art of loving life

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The art of loving life, The newspaper « Le Soir, MAD »

When you look at an artwork, never think that it should be or what many people would like it to be, said the painter Antoni Tapies .

An artwork can be anything : a flash of sun in full storm , a storm cloud , a man’s step on the path of life, a foot hitting the ground and say « Enough!  » It invites you simply to think freely.

At the heart of the Great Depression, when workers had a hard life, when farmers were scratching earth, Belgium ate his black bread, Constant Permeke already painted the absurdity of the crisis. Paul Delvaux was snubing the bigots revealing on bare canvas that the woman’s mystery wasn’t under skirts but under the eyes. Preferring laughter to depression , Roland Delcol unveiled pink asses without artifice or blasphemy …

« We have art in order not to die of truth » prophesied Friedrich Nietzsche in Thus Spoke Zarathustra.

Art, true art is sincere and visionary. It express real life. It’s a door to the world. There is no taboos nor interdict. This MAD special expo is there to ignore the real, the habits and good taste. Who else but Art can heal us from the pain of the crisis and fears of tomorrow?

Editor of the MAD, (Wednesday, the 26th September 2012)
Couvreur Daniel

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